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Why TenderFacts ?

Time-Consuming RFP Analysis

Sifting through extensive RFP documentation drastically slows down response times, impeding the productivity of sales teams.

Technical Expertise Shortfall

Sales professionals frequently struggle with the technical nuances in tender specifications, affecting the quality of their submissions.

Crafting Winning Submissions

Developing a persuasive and compliant tender response within tight deadlines is a challenging balancing act for sales teams, impacting the chances of success.

High Risk of Errors

The detailed and complex nature of RFP documents increases the likelihood of errors, leading to potential missteps and compliance issues.


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Redefining Tender Excellence

Discover AI-driven tender mastery:
Swift Decoding, Smart Chat, Strategic Crafting.

Tender Insights

Rapidly Extract Critical Insights from Extensive RFP Documents in Just a Few Seconds.

Tender Chat

Don't search, just ask, you will get the answers you need !

AI Proposal

Begin with an Edge:
AI-driven Proposal Drafting with Expert Insights.

Tender Insights

TenderFacts AI swiftly decodes complex RFP documents, turning them into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed bidding decisions with unmatched speed and precision.

 Rapid decoding and interpretation of complex RFP documents.

 Identification of key requirements and criteria.

 Insightful summary of tender objectives and expectations.

Tender Chat

Engage in an interactive dialogue with your RFP using our expert AI-powered chatbot for immediate, intelligent responses to any query.

Interactive AI chat for immediate clarification on tender queries.

Context-aware responses for accurate information.

Assistance in understanding compliance and specific tender clauses.

AI Proposal

Craft expert-level tender responses by harnessing your company's knowledge. Our tool adeptly uses your past successes to shape winning submissions.

 Analysis of past RFP submissions for insight generation.

 Automated generation of high-quality tender responses.

 Time-saving and consistency in response preparation.

AI Flexibility

Leading-Edge AI Model Selection

TenderFacts harnesses the latest advancements in AI technology, offering top-tier models like GPT-4 (OpenAI & Azure), Gemini (Google), Claude (Anthropic), and Mistral AI.

Access cutting-edge AI for your tender responses. Select from industry-leading tools for unmatched results and innovative technology tailored to your needs.

Data Safeguard

Enhanced Data Security with Regional Control

At TenderFacts, we take data security seriously, employing advanced encryption, multi-layered security measures, and ISO 27001 certified cloud servers for robust protection.

Our infrastructure is also ISO 27017 compliant for cloud security and GDPR-aligned for privacy. Choose your preferred server region to enhance data sovereignty and ensure your information's safety and privacy.

As Chief Sales Officer, TenderFacts has been pivotal. Our tender call handling increased fivefold, boosting operational efficiency. Its intelligent automation and targeted strategies not only improved our throughput but also bid effectiveness. TenderFacts is key to our enhanced sales performance.

Melissa Gomez

Chief Sales Officer, Dynamic Solutions Inc.

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Exciting Features on the Horizon

Get Ready for Groundbreaking Features Arriving Soon to TenderFacts

Microsoft Word Plugin

Harness the power of TenderFacts directly within Microsoft Word. Effortlessly create and tailor your proposal templates using simple text commands, enabling your sales team to efficiently craft winning, convincing bids.

Customizable AI Templates

Real-time Editing Commands

BidAlign Meter™

Revolutionize tender pursuit with BidAlign Meter™. Our generative AI provides a match score that mirrors your business's fit to a tender's needs.

Snapshot Analysis of Tender Suitability

Custom-Fit Recommendations for Tender Engagement


Simple affordable pricing for everyone

TenderFacts provides a simple and affordable pricing structure, designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, ensuring access to our powerful AI-driven tender management tools for everyone.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you find what you're looking for? Reach out to us for the missing pieces of your puzzle!

How does TenderFacts ensure data security?

At TenderFacts, we ensure your data's security with advanced encryption and ISO 27001 certified cloud servers, guaranteeing robust protection and compliance with top security standards.

Will our data be shared with other TenderFacts customers?

No, your data's confidentiality is paramount. We do not share your data with other customers, ensuring your business information remains exclusive and secure.

Does TenderFacts use external APIs, and can it deploy models on-premise?

Yes, we utilize external APIs for enhanced capabilities and also offer the flexibility to deploy models on-premise, catering to specific infrastructure and security requirements.

Can TenderFacts adapt to different regional data privacy laws?

Yes, our system aligns with GDPR for privacy and is ISO 27017 compliant for cloud security. You can choose your server region to adhere to local data sovereignty laws, ensuring compliance with regional privacy regulations.

How does TenderFacts ensure ethical AI training practices?

We are committed to ethical AI training practices. When utilizing customer data for model improvement, it's strictly anonymized and aggregated to ensure privacy and prevent any form of individual data misuse.

What AI technologies does TenderFacts incorporate?

TenderFacts leverages cutting-edge AI technologies, including GPT-4 (OpenAI & Azure), Gemini (Google), Claude (Anthropic), Llama (Facebook) and Mistral AI, offering a diverse range of advanced tools for your tender management needs.

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